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Radiant Blade

With Light comes Darkness

Radiant Blade - With Light comes Darkness

At a crossroad between distant worlds, a creature of light known as Sika becomes involved in a conflict opposing the divine powers of creation.

Trapped inside a time loop, Sika lives its life anew upon each of its death. By dint of iterations, Sika will learn to know the world it inhabits, and will realize that even the light contains its share of darkness.

Radiant Blade - With Light comes Darkness is an action RPG mixing both real time action and narrative choices in an partially procedurally generated environment.

Sika attacking in the first world

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Who are we?

Synnaxium Studio is an indie game development studio currently composed of four people based in Tourcoing (France).

We worked together on many small games and decided to launch the studio with our first title: Radiant Blade - With Light comes Darkness.

Our objective is to regularly propose you a short yet intense game with a strong narrative aspect to dive you into our world.

We also do some tutorials, if you are interested you can check them on our company blog.

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